Most businesses start with a Big Idea.

It's a flash of brilliant insight that, when reviewed, appraised and evaluated from every angle, retains its appeal to such an extent that the entrepreneurial brain simply won’t be satisfied until the idea is acted upon. Building a business is the process of transforming a Big Idea into a workable reality.

But often along the way, the Big Idea succumbs to the demands of the daily grind. A business that was inspired becomes...tired. Eventually, even good businesses can run the risk of becoming brain dead—existing only on the life support of loyal clients and daily routines.

Continued success in a competitive market requires growth, innovation, and inspiration—a commitment to remembering the original Big Idea, keeping an eye out for new ones, and communicating that idea to the people who will pay you for having it. But focusing a portion of your corporate brainpower on ideas, instead of details, is difficult.

That’s why we’re here.